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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 1, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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it's the 2,680th day since president bush declared ssion accomplished in iraq, the 135th day of the deepwater horizon disaster in the gulf. we lack in exclusive report about politics in retaliation. a politician who was supposed to be a rising star apparently running on fear. fear of exposure. it starts with the issue of illegal immigration you can tell by the sheer volume of anti-immigrant politicking in the country right now, the illegal immigration problem must really be exploding. that is true if by exploding you mean that it is down 67%. the pugh hispanic center which
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is widely considered to be the most authoritative source of numbers has release ad new report saying in the last decade, the number illegal immigrants sgroogs the united states has dropped by two-thirds. so the sudden up take in yelling about illegal immigration, blaming immigrants for everything from obama being elected to swine flu to kidnapping the lindenberg baby, that's not happening because illegal immigration is getting worse. it is actually getting better. the up take in immigration stuff is not really about immigration at all. it is about what make good politics for anti-immigration politicians. and bits what make big profits, apparently for some very well connected people. >> we are bringing arizona back. the comeback has started. in november, we will complete the mission that we are on. dan brewer is a fighter and the people of arizona are not quitters. together we will make a difference. >> jan brewer is a fighter.
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that of course was arizona's republican governor, jan brewer speaking in the third person there. while attempting to secure four more years as arizona's governor. jim brewer is now very much a household name in american politics mainly due to this moment. the moment when she put her signature, put pen to paper to sign arizona's draconian papers please immigration leg. but sb 1070 hasn't just attracted national scrutiny for this previously little known governor. it has also attracted lots of questions in arizona. last month you may recall, we told but some great reporting from the local cbs affiliate in phoenix, air air. kpho revealed that two of governor brewer's advisers, have extensive ties to a private prison company called the corrections corporation of america. cca. cca conveniently holes the federal contract to lock up
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illegal immigrants in arizona and sb 1070 signed into law may not more locked up illegal imgrants and potentially more business for cca. handy. here's what happened when kpho investigative reporter morgan low attempted to ask governor jan brewer about that apparent conflict of interest. >> did they have any input with you on signing sb 1070 into law? >> okay. we're done. >> are you aware that they were lobbyists for corrections corporation of america? >> sorry. >> governor, don't you think you should have disclosed that? the governor did not answer those questions. >> governor brewer's office later denied any wrongdoing but kpho has kept asking questions. most recently, they've been tracing the money that this private prison company cca has been lavishing on other jan brewer causes. all of the digging that kpho has been digging on this, all of the questions they've been raising about governor brewer's
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connections to cca, connections between sb 10 city and the private prison industry, all of the cca money they've been traigs, in the end has resulted in this. >> after we began reporting on the connection between governor brewer's advisers and cca, chuck coughlin's company canceled all of the governor's campaign advertising on cbs 5. >> the brewer campaign decided to cease advertising on the staying that has been investigating the governor. and her spence extensive ties that plan to profit from sb 1070. the anti-immigration law. phoenix is the biggest city in the state of arizona. governor brewer is up for re-election in november and her campaign has decided to not advertise on the cbs affiliate in the largest city in the state. a network that has been doggedly investigating her connections to the private prison industry for months now. now again, kpho is a cbs affiliate. we hear at msnbc and our
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connections to nbc, we have no stake in their financial future whatsoever. in fact on the contrary. regardless, this is been which station is whose. this is been whench net work is which. this is about political retaliation against journalism. this is news. we called the folk who run governor brewer's campaign tonight. her campaign is run by a company call highground public affairs which as luck would have it, lobbies for the corrections corporation of america. we spoke with jan brewer's campaign manager, chuck could have lynn. one of governor brewer's visors. and he will us tonight, explicitly, that the brewer campaign had advertised with kpho in the past but they decided to stop doing so as a result of the quote credibility of the journalism on that network. asked if that was a reference to the investigative journalism that has been done on that network about jan brewer, mr. could have lynn acknowledged
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that it was. to be clear, jan brewer's campaign inform us in no uncertain terms that they advertise on the other two net fwhorks phoenix but they decided to stop advertising on the cbs station because of them investigating governor brewer. that comes directly from governor brewer's campaign. asked specifically if governor brewer herself was involved in that decision, in the decision to stop advertising on kpho as retaliation for the their investigations into the governor, her campaign manager will us that miss brewer is clued into everything they do there. he told us, quote, absolutely. it is her campaign. in addition to ending its advertisements in retaliation for that company's journalism, the company that runs her campaign directed to us a blog post on the highground website. a blowingpost that specifically targets kpho's investigative reporter, morgan low. it refers to her as maniacal and
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reports the reporting on governor brewer. when we spoke with highground tonight, they accused the network of intentionally misleading its viewers themselves accused kpho of intentionally misleading its brewers. this is a big develop many in this story and the governor of jan brewer. the governor is now retaliating against a television network that is investigating her ties to one of that state's biggest industries. an industry that stands to profit from the anti-immigration law that has made her nationally famous. joining us now, morgan low. investigative reporter for kpho tv. thanks very much for coming back on the show. >> hello, rachel. >> let me ask you if i've misstated any of that or if that could not fwlikts your understanding. >> that sounds about fright what i heard. >> what can you tell us about the brewer campaign's decision to stop advertising on your station? >> luckily, i'm sort of shielded from the advertising area of our tv station.
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i have the luck to work for a general manager who takes care of all that. i can tell you that i was informed of that decision about two week ago. about a weak before the primary that people from highground had call channel 5. said they were no longer going to advertise. they didn't give us a arraign why but it came after some of our reporting about the governor's connection to the private prison industry. >> given that you have that on the air that around the time of your investigations, and following your investigations, the brewer campaign had polled its advertising from your station. i have to ask your reaction tonight. we were very surprise that had the brewer campaign admitted to us flat out that they stopped advertising on your station because of your work. they are admitting to it. >> i don't really know what to think about that. you know, as a reporter, i try to stay out of the business end of it. again, i'm lucky to work at a place where i'm kept out of that decision. i can tell you that my bosses have never told me to stop investigating this connection.
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and i haven't been keyed in on the finances behind. this i can tell that you there are various fcc regulations that make our books open to people. they can come by and see how much it costs. we're continuing to ask these questions and they have still not been answered. >> should i say as an employee have msnbc, we are totally insulated from the advertising decisions. as it should be. nobody should be able to affect the editorial could be tent of a show by giving or revoking advertising money. that's part of the idea of a free press. as i mentioned, the media company that run the brewer campaign hasn't just arranged for those advertising dollars to be taken away from your employer. they've written this really vitriolic blog entry attacking you personally, attacking your reporting. they argue that you are intentionally misleading
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viewers, interviewing people who are biased against this private prison company. what is your response? >> i read that blog. my first reaction was if mr. coughlin knew me better, he would probably have worse things to say about me. the fact of the matter is we've been pretty consistent throughout in asking him and letting him know exactly what we want to know. and that blog entry that he released today is pretty consistent with the type of e-mails i've received from him over the last three weeks. >> mr. could have lynn, chuck coughlin doubles as the head of a company that lobbies for cca and her campaign manager. have you ever had any luck about asking him? >> we send e-mail after e-mail being explicit. there is only one issue we want to know. what did he tell governor about what his client, cca, may gain from the signing of sb 1070? did he tell her anything about that? cca has been pretty -- all
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along, they've said that they did not lobby the governor for this. we have not heard from mr. coughlin. all we've heard is that illegal immigrants picked up off the street in phoenix on local charges will never end up in a cca ice run facility. we've got the freedom of information act request from i.c.e. we've spoken to the folks at i.c.e. we have our share of him all the time talking about the 30,000 illegal immigrants that were picked up locally that he's turned over to i.c.e. the statements he's made really have not rung true. >> investigative reporter for kpho tv in phoenix whose station is paying the price for that but standing up for your reporting in doing so. thanks for your time tonight. good luck. there's a lot to come tonight. we've got what we just covered, which still blows my mind. we've also got the first ever nationally televised interview with a democrat up against the
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if you've seen a lot of headlines about how republicans are definitely going to annihilate democratic majorities in this year's elections, it is because of this new gallup poll is out where people have asked if they would rather vote for a generic democrat or republican. and it is a big, big margin. 51-41. that is the result of polling on a hypothetical nonspecific question. if you ask the people who take polling and prognosticating very seriously in election years, they'll tell you that is an important result. probably to some degree predictive but the truly predictive polling question this far out may really be about voter enthusiasm. how excited are you about voting? because the people who are enthusiastic about voting are the ones who are most likely to actually go to the trouble of doing it on election day. and by most accounts, republicans are very excited
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about voting in the fall and democrats are not so excited about voting in the fall. makes sense when you take the biggest picture possible look at what's going on in american politics. liberals and democrats may not have major thing about what the obama administration and this congress have been doing in the last year and a half but they don't seem to really appreciate it very much. health reform? there is not a republican option. the stimulus? could have been bigger. progressives aren't driven and excited about voting for democrats. on the other side, republicans are very much against everything that obama and this congress has done. and being very much against something can be a very powerful motivator. and as a republican running for office, you are in a powerful position. if you're able to say, all this stuff, all of these thing that have passed since obama has been president tleerkz evil thing. we have to get out and vote these terrible people out of office who have done these terrible thing. a powerful, political decision. here's why it is awkward for republicans. their claim to fame this
11:18 pm
election cycle go their party platform is how bad everything is that the obama administration has passed. and yet they keep also campaigning on all the awesome stuff obama has done. they just don't mention that president obama is the one who did it. we saw this one when the stimulus was passed. over massive republican objections. remember when louisiana governor bobby jindal toured his state you handing out giant fake checks? he put his own name on a bunch of publisher cheering house checks and distributed them so would it look like federal stimulus money was actually coming from him. because he wanted to be seen as anti-stimulus but he wanted to take credit for all the things the stimulus was funding in his state. it wasn't just bobby jindal. more than 100 lawmaker who came out against the stimulus and then proceeded in some way to try to take credit for the it. we talked about this lots and lots on the show because there
11:19 pm
were lots and lots of them. here's one of my favorites. this was congressman from georgia talking about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad stimulus which he of course voted against. >> the vaulted democratic stimulus bill has failed to stimulate anything other than a few federal bureaucrats -- >> sounds bad and dirty. according to him, the failure to stimulate anything but bureaucrats. he called it a boondoggle and a dismal failure. except here is phil handing out a big fat fake check full of stimulus money to the good people of cedar town, georgia. it's fine if you are super sbikd the what funds have done for your district or state. it is also fine if you're totally against the stimulus and you want to invade against how bad it is. but you cannot simultaneously talk against the stimulus and take credit for all the great stuff the stimulus does. or i guess you can if you are
11:20 pm
incapable of embarrassment. but it is not just the stimulus. this year republicans are really campaigning hard against the evils of obama care. it is not just a conservative movement line. it is a main stream republican politician line. republican candidates far and wide are combining a promise to repeal obama care. republican governors and attorneys general in 22 states are suing the federal government to stop obama care. and that is also very awkward, because while they are all campaigning against obama care, while they're making a big show out of suing against evil kenyan obama care, they are also lining up to please join obama care programs. to please get some of its benefits. a.p. reports that seven of the states stoog administration to stop health reform have also just had their requests to prove to get big fat obama care checks. to get one of the benefits of the health reform bill. a subsidy for health insurance for people retiring early before they qual faye for medicare.
11:21 pm
each one of those states applied for and was approved to receive federal insurance subsidies for retired workers. money that comes directly from the health reform law that they are all suing to stop. in other words, we think this health reform thing is evil and bad and unconstitution sal and please can we have a piece of it? when arizona's attorney general refused to sue the administration over health reform, governor jan brewer, where have i heard that name before? she went around him and file suit anyway saying she needed to frequent people of arizona from health reform. idaho governor bruce otter became the very first republican in the country. mitch daniels cast himself as a hear over for suing to stop health reform. >> this is about protection of the rights and liberties in thisry and of course, about pushing back against a very, very ill advised bill that we're
11:22 pm
all going to suffer from. >> sounds better with music behind it, right? louisiana governor bobby jindal peaked out behind one of those checks to say he was suing, too. he said he was doing it because health reform scared him. michigan's attorney general mike cox joined to stop health reform over the loud objections of his own democratic governor. nebraska's republican governor told education groups in his state, education groups? that health reform is a direct threat to their funding somehow bizarrely. when he joined the lawsuit, nevada governor jim gibbons called health reform sick which is really something coming from him. for all of that grand standing about how fiercely they are fighting the evil health reform they call obama care, all of those state are lining up to get the benefits of it. and again, it come down to this. you can play for subsidies under president obama's health reform plan to get people covered in your sthit otherwise would have a hard time getting insurance.
11:23 pm
you know also speak against obama care being the death of the republic. you cannot do both. you cannot do both unless you are incapable of feeling embarrassed. sxs it is not just sfats can apply for these health reform subsidies. also companies. big employers can apply to help fund insurance for their retirees. you really want to talk about who is not embarrassed about this? look at this. uncovered this week by the folks at think progress. it turns out koch industries is one of these got a piece of that subsidy. koch industries, really? koch industries hopping on the health reform gravy train? after funding almost all of the most over the top a apocalyptic anti-health reform campaigning? do you remember the sign on the tour buses with the bloody hand prints. hands off my health care. remember the anti-reform rallies comparing obama to hitler?
11:24 pm
>> as i recall stalin in 1920, issued about 20 million end of life orders for his fellow russians. and heish bued 2 million end of life orders. adolph hitler issued 6 million. he called his program the final solution. i kind of wonder what we're going to call ours. >> that version of anti-health reform organizing, that event and others like it was brought to you by koch industries funded americans for prosperity. koch industry funded freedom works, the group that took credit for, in their words, blowing uptown hall events last summer after encouraging conservatives to show up at town halls and to be aggressive. koch industries has done more than any other giant pile of inherited money in this country to convince americans that health reform is a secret plot
11:25 pm
on the part of kenyan nazis to kill our grandparents and enslave our doctors. and, and koch industries has also applied and been approved for a program to help it insure its retiring worker. a program that exists because of the dreaded obama care. and you know, the koch brothers can do whatever they want with all the money they got from dad. they have the right to spend it on all sorts of stuff within the bounds of election law. but you can either inveigh or you can apply to help cover insurance costs for workers. you can't do both. at least most people could not do both. most people would find too embarrassing. joining us now, howard fineman. chief political correspondent and senior editor of "newsweek." thanks very much. >> hi, rauch he will. >> does it undercut the first shaking campaign against health reform for states that are suing the government? >> it should.
11:26 pm
but not only are some politicians incapable of feeling embarrassed. a lot of the people who attend their rallies can't feel embarrassed either. don't have the gene that produces the emotion of shame in the human soul. because having been to the health care town halls last year, having been to lots of tea parties last year and this year, i can tell you if you individually talk to most of the people there, and i got to know a bunch of them, they're for social security. they're for medicare. they like their interstate highway system to be fixed. their kids are getting federally subsidized student loans. this is sadly, i guess, in the american grain. a lot of people complain about the federal government. they say get the federal government off our backs. in many cases, the federal government has their back. it is just that people don't want to admit it. and that emotion is the emotion very strong in the country right now. the tea party people, the mitch daniels of the world are playing
11:27 pm
to. >> is it clear to you at this point that hate is the stimulus, hate health reform, those things will be really central to the republican campaigning template this year? >> well, there are ring to this and levels to it. the republican leaders in the house and the senate, people like john boehner whom i interviewed last week and wrote. >> b in "newsweek," they're going to stick to three main issues and they've poll tested them. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to look at the poll and see what they are. jobs, spending, and health care. those are the three words that they repeat boehner repeated. must have repeated 15 times. jobs, spending and health care. that means the stimulus bill even as you point out that benefit from and have big checks about. it mean the idea that the government is somehow a runaway spending freight train. when take mitch daniels, for example, he is now governor of indiana.
11:28 pm
when he was omb director, people tend to forget. the bush, george w. bush administration, he turned a surplus under his watch into a $400 billion deficit. he called him the blade. he was more like the butter knife. now he is complaining about spending. now you have the health care bill. because obama set it up in such a way that many of its important features don't come into play until 2013 or 2014, it is hard for voters to see immediate benefit from it. ironically, one of the first immediate benefits is the category of thing that mitch daniels and others signing up for right now. that's what they're going to campaign on while meanwhile, the cooks of the world and rush limbaugh and all these people are going to be talking about birth certificates and kenya and christianant and all that stuff. the republicans in the house is and senate will try to keep the high ground while the others will do the dirty work. >> the real question will be whether democrats can figure out a way to tell those retirees who
11:29 pm
will be benefiting in these states, what they're benefitting from is only there to spite what republican politicians have fought against. msnbc political analyst, "newsweek" correspondent, senior editor and somebody whom i really enjoy having on the show. thank you. >> thank you. >> did you hear that michelle obama is trying to ban christmas? at the white house. you did hear that if you have been following the man who is so far this year's most entertaining conservative candidate for governor. that's coming right up. ♪ spread a little love today
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there are some words and phrase that's make it virtually impossible to hear any words that follow. when a former u.s. senator says that social security is a milk cow with 310 million things to a cow that you drink milk from, that's funny. that's undeniably cannot hear anything else you said funny. despite how distractingly funny it is, it is worth listening to what that former senator was really saying there. beyond the crazy awkward hilarity of his choice of cow lady metaphors. because he has just been given a catastrophically important job. he is the co-chair of president obama's deficit commission which is evaluating among other thing, social security.
11:34 pm
and the word that starts with "t" and rhyme with "bits." he seem to not be all that keen on not paying veterans what we owe them. as a follow-up to his milk cow comments, he is now expressing crankiness over vietnam veterans exposed to agent orange getting their disability check plfl simpson who is himself a veteran, told the associated press, quote, the irony is the veterans who saved this country are not r now in a way not helping to us save the country in this fiscal mess. you vietnam veterans collecting the benefits you earned, you're bad for the country. you're parasites. that was also the broader spirit in which senator simpson's distractingly funny milk cow comments were made. here's the broader could not tech. it was in an e-mail. what he wrote in that e-mail in which that quote, from which that quote was taken. yes, i've made some plenty smart cracks about people on social
11:35 pm
security who milk it to the last degree. you know them, too. it's the same with any system in america. we've reached a point now where it is like a milk cow with 310 million -- the thing that starts with "t" that rhyme with "bits." consider what his broader point is here. people on social security milking it to the last degree. the same with any system in america. you know what? this is worth saying. there is no milking of the social security system to any degree. social security is a pay roll deduck. it's taken out of your paycheck every single time you are paid, there is a line in your pay stub showing your money has been taken out of your paycheck now while you're working. that's you earning your social security benefits. the idea being, you will get that money back someday. you fund the program for today's retirees and when you retire, it will be paid back to you by the next general vague of wokkers. when later in life you get paid the benefits you've earned, that
11:36 pm
is not milking it. that's getting paid your due. it is a social contract. you did your part. you get something for that. the real issue is not that a cranky retired senator uses funny metaphors to talk about how much he hates that social contract. the real issue is that he has that hate. this isn't a tea party. this is the country. whose idea was to it let allan simpson anywhere near social security? [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require brake override technology on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, we think this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ] nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for all.
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i'm very excited to say that joining us for the interview is a man who in the last 24 hours has become much more likely to be the next senator from the great, great state of alaska. what happened in the last 24 hours to change his fortunes to the better is that the current senator lisa murkowski had to concede that she lost the republican primary. to a much more extreme, widely believed to be much less electable candidate. the tea party candidate named joe miller plfl miller wants to ixne unemployment benefits and social security and medicare. sorry, old people. he says a woman who is raped should be forced by the government to bear the rapist's child. on the plus side for joe miller's electability, it should
11:40 pm
be noted he has a beard. a big over the face beard. i think he is a candidate who has a full faced beard so that will make him stand out and maybe that will help him. joining us for his first nationally televised interview, the mayor of is it today, alaska, who has a much smaller beard. from the state fair, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, rachel. thanks for having me. >> the reason that joe miller is becoming nationally famous before you have, frankly, is because he is likely the most radical among a very radical class of gop senate candidates this year. i have to ask you, do you agree with him on the position that's unemployment benefits should be eliminated? medicare and soernl security should be phased out and privatized? do you agree with him on any of that? >> absolutely not. you know, social security is a promise to alaska's seniors, as well as america's seniors. it is something people worked all their lives for.
11:41 pm
it is a benefit that alaskans deserve when they retire. as alaska's next united states senator, i'll stand up for medicaid, medicare and social security for alaskans. >> mr. mcadams, you have said in the past that when senator murkowski blocked an increase in liability caps for big oil, it was that that convinced you you wanted to run for senate. why was that so important for you? >> i'm a former commercial fisherman. i was in the kodiak district two years after the spill. aid chance this last year, went to a candidate training, some different statewide candidates gave their stump speech. somebody asked me to come forward before the room and give the stump speech. and they said, what are you running for? and i said i'm running for the mayor of sitka. they said that's not good enough. why don't you run against lisa murkowski? i stood up and delivered a stump speech before a mock petroleum club in anchorage.
11:42 pm
one of the thing that about, that spill and about the spill in the gulf, we know that far too well in alaska. so many communities in alaska, in coastal alaska, southeast alaska where i live, where commercial fishing is the second largest in our country. so many fishermen. it went into my decision to ruchbl old when i saw todd palin endorse this character joe miller, you know, my instincts said that sarah palin was coming next. i'm glad i'm here. i'm glad that i'm a credible candidate. the only candidate in this race with any actual experience in elected governance and i'm preparing to win come this fall. >> coming out of the primaries in what is a very, very red state in alaska, joe muller's lead over you is not that big. single digits at this point quhax is your overall campaign strategy to tray to beat him? do you intend to try the raise
11:43 pm
money nationally? >> we're running an alaska campaign that puts alaskans first. we're at the alaska state fair. time only guy at this fair with a today. on you know, we're going voter to voter, town to town. alaska is a small population state. it doesn't take a huge media buy to be competitive in this state. our platform is jobs, jobs, jobs. joe miller's strict interpretation of the constitution, the thing that he's alluded to, the thing that he's said that he doesn't believe any sort of government service is not mandated within the four corners of the constitution are appropriate. alaska is a natural resource state. being against oil and gas in alaska is a little like being against farming in north dakota. one-third of our economy ties back into federal investment in our state. we're a young state, a state that's still developing. alaska kneads to have repation in washington, d.c. that stands
11:44 pm
up for alaskans, that stands up for the infrastructure that's willing to put people to work. rachel, washington, d.c. is broken. everything is about partisanship. it's about trying to shame your opponent so that you can get a chairmanship the next year. joe miller said it is about incumbency. i think he is the wrong person for alaska. i hope to go to washington, d.c., continue to make the case to develop alaska's natural resources. to put my name on the lane for lags has's working people. so many folks in this country have been offshored, outsourced, free traded and deregulated to death. as alaska's next united states senator, i will go fight for working people. >> scott mcadams, mayor of sitka, alaska, joining us from the alaska state fair. thanks very much for your time tonight, sir. >> yeah. thank you for having me. >> we'll also extend this invitation, which i am ever
11:45 pm
hopeful about, to the republican candidate in the race mr. joe miller. it has been 24 hours since he's known for sure that he is the nominee. mr. miller, we would absolutely love to have you any time. really. coming up on "countdown," torg unemployed for this year's elections. coming up here, the latest anti-obama attack is that michelle obama hates christmas. because, you know, kenya or whatever. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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new nominee for single best race of this year's elections. that's former republican congressman tom tancredo on the left and republican dan maze on the right. both men want to be the next governor of the great state of colorado. there is also a democrat in the race. he is not nearly as much fun to talk about although his name is very fun to say. mr. maze gets to be a candidate in colorado because he won the publg primary. he beat out a man who had been very publicly accused of majorry mr. tan krado gets to run.
11:50 pm
he missed the primary tow he is running on the american constitution party ticket. so far it does not seem to be going well. we see the gray downward slope there? yeah. that's what you call a bad polling trend. it is about to turn around for him because he has puck a new political fight to define his candacy. he has found a new enemy. in an interview with talking points memo, he said this mr. tancredo said this, i remember a little thing like ms. obama saying she didn't want any christian artifacts in the white house during christmastime. was that before or after the official white house christmas tree arrived and the christmas tree decorations went up and the official white house christmas party stated? when exactly did michelle obama, first lady of the united states say no christmas at the white house? was that at quarter past you
11:51 pm
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here is a story we have been thus far gleefully ignoring. you might have heard about this guy, terence lakeham is refusing to deploy to afghanistan because president obama is secretly foreign and his orders to deploy are secretly not valid. he is facing a court-martial. we have been blisfully ignoring his case because, well, because he is clearly some random birther guy who is interesting for his randomness but not news. now, however, t may be news. we are talking about it because
11:55 pm
a retired three-star air force general has gotten involved in this case. lieutenant general thomas mack nerny. he has filed an affidavit in support of the wing nut army birther doctor guy who is refusing to deploy because the president is secretly kenyan. in refusing to obey orders as to doubts as to their legality, he has acted as proper training dictates. the general refers to the concerns of the birthers as "serious and widely held." he says investigating them "absolutely essential to reassuring all military personnel once and for all for this president whether his service as commander in chief is constitutionally proper." now, somebody having crazy ideas
11:56 pm
about barack obama being secretly foreign is not news. there are more than a dozen members of the birther caucus in congress, for example. iowa republican steve king invokes the whole thing during a speech on the house floor. >> little baby with ink on their foot stamped on the birth certificate. there is one in this country we haven't seen. >> getting into the congressional record through geniuses like steve king, there is dentist/real tor/birther king orally tate. she ran in california and got 25% of the vote. the existence of the crazy the president is secretly foreign cult is not itself news. what is news is that someone with general mcnerney's qualifications is saying maybe the president is secretly foreign. a retired air force general is lending his three-star credibility to a conspiracy
11:57 pm
theory that is this whack. however, if you take a look at what he has lent his credibility to, you might want to add an asterisk to his credibility. nobody can take his three stars away. his rank is his rank. but consider also what the general says hooped to the weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> i think the fact is that the russians moved large stocks out in the fall of 2002. they went into three locations into syria and one location in the baka valley. if you get in there and found those weapons and found the precursors, the fingerprints would go back to russia, china and france. >> in the general's professional opinion we didn't find wmd in iraq because they were spirited away just before the invasion by russians also china and france. not france.
11:58 pm
after the london train and bus bombings in 2005, the general told the washington times his theory about why we didn't have to worry about that sort of attack happen in america. why attack here when you have leftist in america who have aided and abetted the enemy more than tokyo rose. they don't need to set off bombs. if they set off bombs they would silence the shrill of leftists. liberals are so terroristsish they are keeping the real terrorists away. this article for the standard tampl, iran. yes, there is a feasible military option against the mulla's program. one of his counterstrategies is he suggests we strip search all muslims at airports not kidding. >> i believe in the next 30 to
11:59 pm
120 days there is a very high probability that a u.s. airliner will come down because of one of these bombers. we have to go to more than just the normal process they are talking about now. we have got to go to very, very strict screening and we have to use profiling. and i mean be very serious and harsh about the profiling. if you are an 18 to 28-year-old muslim man you should be strip searched. if we don't do that that is a high probability we will lose an airline. >> how do you verify someone is muslim? ultimately the story here is not even that a three strar general has joined the quixotic request, this guy gets paid to comment on wars. he is paid by fox news on muslim


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